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Clearlift is a USFDA APPROVED laser for skin rejuvenation, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. It is a powerful q switched Nd: yag laser that lets practitioners control the exact depth of treatment, thereby obtaining better results in lesser number of sessions compared to generic lasers. With this treatment the skin absorbs the laser light energy, vaporising unwanted pigment and therefore lightening it.


1. How often can I do Clearlift?
Clearlift can be done once every 4 weeks.

2. Is Clearlift safe?
Clearlift is a USFDA approved laser. It is safe, effective and without any major side effects.

3. How long do the results last?
Patients start seeing visible treatments a few days after the first. Optimum results are seen in 3-6 months. Successive treatments are necessary for long term results.

4. Does Clearlift laser hurt?
No, Clearlift is a painless treatment.

5. Will I experience downtime after Clearlift?
Usually, there is no downtime after Clearlift laser treatment. It is true ‘lunch time’ procedure.

6. What are the contraindications for Clearlift?
Pregnancy, skin cancer, keloids.

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