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Are you looking for Hydrafacial near me?

But confused about:
Is it the authentic patented technology
that you are paying for?
Is it painful? Is it invasive? Is it expensive?
Will it cause rashes?

Did you know that 70% of the Hydrafacials
are not Original!

Get to know the right technology
your skin deserves.

Hydrafacials starting from Rs 7,000/-

Did you know?

• There are a lot of fake services sold as HydraFacial treatment that involves Korean and Chinese machines.
• These fake facials can cause rashes, acne, and other allergic reactions, as vetted and found by Doctors.
• Traditional Salon Facials can be unhygienic.
• Traditional Facials or Fake HydraFacials are not as effective as Hydrafacial treatment.
• Salon beauticians do not know how to treat skin, and it can be detrimental to sensitive skin, acne and other skin types.
• Did you know that 70% of Skin Clinics use cheaper technology which is unsafe.
• Are you tired of wasting a lot of money on facials with no visible results?
• Are you scared of poorly trained beauticians causing damage to your skin?
• Are you scared of infections with alternative facials?
• Are you tired of calling a home beautician or running to salons everytime?

Hana Aesthetics

Do not choose your Hydrafacial by pricing! Do not fall prey for cheap Hydrafacial prices! They may be fake!!

Get to know the right way for effective results with patented technology.

Hana Aesthetics

Why choose Hana Aesthetics as your preferred choice for best Hydrafacial?

Did you know that Cheaper Laser Hair Removal machines :

• Our machines are US FDA Approved.
• Hydra facials are 10 times more effective than traditional.
• Our therapists are highly trained.
• We have acumulative experience of 12 Years.
• Doctors are available all the time during your treatment to take care of you.
• The risk of complications are minimal with our support and doctor’s availability.
• We maintain a very high standard of hygiene in the clinic.

Benefits of the best Hydrafacial at Hana Aesthetics

✓ Helps in treating Pigmentation.
✓ Helps reduce Pore size.
✓ Non-invasive Technology.
✓ Provides Glow.
✓ Increases skin firmness & elasticity.
✓ Increases skin hydration.
✓ Helps to treat acne.
✓ Even Skin tone.
✓ It’s Safe for all skin types.
✓ FDA Approved Treatment.
✓ Technology is patented.
✓ Hydrafacial results last up to 4 weeks.
✓ Therapists are trained professionals.
✓ Only Medicated solution is applied.
✓ The facial is entirely done with the Machine.
✓ There are no side effects to hydrafacial treatment.
✓ Removes whiteheads and blackheads, with the machine.
✓ Hyrdafacials are Hygienic as only machine is involved with minimal human touch.

About The Doctor

Dr Uktra Namshum

Hana Aesthetics

Dr. Uktra Namshum helps patients achieve a vibrant, natural looking appearance through a variety of tailor made procedures specific to the individual. Rather than spot focusing, she believes that the face should be treated as a whole, giving each aspect, particularly the skin, the dedicated care it deserves. Dr. Namshum has been practicing medicine for over 12 years. She completed her Msc. Clinical Dermatology from Cardiff, U.K and Fellowship in Dermatologic laser surgery from Mahidol University, Bangkok.
Dr.Uktra in her career, has prescribed and overseen Over 450 successful full body Laser Hair Removal Treatment and the team collectively has overseen over 1100 full body LHR treatments

Hana Aesthetics
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Hana Aesthetics

Get the best results for Hydrafacials for men and women at the right prices.

Hydra facials starting at ₹ 7000/-

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Hana Aesthetics

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Hana Aesthetics
Hana Aesthetics

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Hana Aesthetics
Hana Aesthetics

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